Who we are.

All of Us inspires diversity, peace & kindness for everyone.

Hi, I'm Sabine.

I started making crayons in my kitchen because all children deserve to be seen.

They deserve to have their smiles drawn on paper, in shades true to their identity.

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Non-Paraffin crayons

Our planet can no longer handle the mass production of paraffin crayons from crude oil derived from fossil-fuels.

It's crucial we begin to create a new way to mass produce crayons.

We are committed to making this change.

Oprah's Favorite Things!

16 months after launching All of Us, The Rounds found their way onto Oprah's desk, and she hand-picked them to be one of her Favorite Things.

It was an unbelievable moment to share our mission of peace and kindness to millions of people around the world.

We are filled with even more gratitude to continue to share them with you.

The Rounds

The media shared their love for us.

...and beautiful schools have too.


    All materials in our goods have been sourced and researched to make sure we use them with respect. We will never use paraffin or chemical fillers - ever.


    Our packaging materials are environment-friendly and are gentle to the planet.


    We deeply care about the the people that work at All of Us. We make sure they are paid fairly and our benefits are actually benefiting them.

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  • I am in tears.


    "My daughter just came to me and said she was so happy to find her skin color to draw herself. Our family needed this, and I didn't even know it. Thank you so much."

    -Jenna Singh,

    Mom to a 2nd grader.

  • Thank you!


    "Thank you for creating this gift of diversity, that can come into our classrooms! You are making a differnce"

    - School teacher, Chicago, IL

  • We can draw friends now.


    "I've never seen my daughter create drawings of her friends with different skin tones - until we discovered these crayons. I never knew how important this was, until now."

    -Lori Huang,

    Homeschool Mom

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We are filled with gratitude.

Thank you for being here...and thank you for being you.